I’m really glad you have come to check us out.  I own and operate aTd Stuff and I am the primary web-designer and consultant.  My experience includes:

  • many years in information technology – including database, artificial intelligence, web design, office management systems, and integrated software
  • many years in international sales and marketing of computer software, including dealing with trade treaties, most favored nations and trade secret regulations and licensing,
  • several years in office management and employee training,
  • several years running my own retail business
  • editing and publishing magazines
  • professional and ghost writing, and grant writing.

Darlene Baker is our freelance writer. Her experience includes:

  • articles published in several magazines,
  • public relations and marketing writing,
  • ghost writing.

I started aTd Stuff 11 years ago and have been providing service to a small group of clients since then. If you are looking for a website or printed material that stands out and relates to who you are rather than who the writer or web-designer is, then I’m certain you will be happy with our service. We operate in a timely manner, and are thorough and detail-oriented without sacrificing efficiency.