Website Design

Yes folks we know how to design a website.  But today, with all the freebies and templates, anyone can design a website.  The question is - will folks come back to it?  Does it show what it is supposed to?  Is it boring? Does it do everything possible to make Your Life easier?

We can design a site that reflects you, your business or your association.  It won't be just another canned site.  AND - best of all - it will be flexible so you can do the parts you want to do and leave the rest to us.  And our services are very reasonable - some even say cheap. The one time fee for a simple, static up to 5 page website can be as low as $450.00. Basic annual maintenance cost depends on what is involved and the complexity of the site.

You be the judge. Contact us and we'll go from there.

Sites We've Designed


  • We meet to discuss exactly what you want and what we can provide.
  • We provide a detailed outline of what we will do and what we will charge.
  • If you decide to proceed, we set dates for completion defined by when you can provide information and materials you want to use for your site.
  • We begin by having you choose a style you like.
  • We do a rough design and layout for your approval.
  • You will be required to review and approve each page before we publish your site.
  • If you don't have pictures and need them to complete your site we can take pictures for you. The cost is determined by the number of pictures and distance we need to travel.
  • Any changes you request after you've approved a particular page may cost extra, depending on what services we've included in your contract.
  • Once you have approved the entire site, we will publish it and insure that it is operational. This completes the design contract.
  • What happens after that depends on the services you have chosen. All design services include 90 days of basic support at no extra charge.