I T – User Interface

Whether you are a blogger and want your blogs to show up on social media, or a small business looking to make your storefront and web presence work for you; whether you a non-profit or a membership-based or independent web-based company with members, integration is what gets the attention you need and makes your life easier.
We will help you coordinate all of your business activities -
  1. from advertising to marketing
  2. from bookkeeping to your tax lady
  3. from employees to customers
  4. and everything in between

We can help streamline your operations and show you how to keep expenses as low as possible, while getting the most from your operations. We'll do our best to "help you work smarter, not harder."

The fee for integrating the website we design for you with social media and any other presence you have will be determined by the complexity of your activities and the service you request. Annual fee for integration maintenance will range from $25.00 to $150.00/year when you have a maintenance contract with us. For more involved integration which includes external databases, other websites, etc. the fee will be determined by the level of integration required. For websites we have not designed, the fee will be determined by the website and service requested.