Website Design

Today, with all of the freebies and templates, anyone can design a website. The question is:
  • Do you want to or do you have the time to do that?
  • Does it do everything possible to make Your Life easier?
  • Does it show what it is supposed to?
  • Is it boring?
  • Will folks come back to it?
We can design a site that reflects you, your business or your association.  It won't be just another canned site.  AND - best of all - it will be flexible so you can do the parts you want to do and leave the rest to us.  And our services are very reasonable - some even say cheap. The one time fee for a simple, static up to 5 page website can be as low as $250.00 plus any hosting fee/and domain registration. Basic annual maintenance cost depends on what is involved and the complexity of the site.  
You be the judge. Contact us and we'll go from there.
Sites We've Designed